Safety Guidelines

Personal Safety

Your safety is your responsibility; please take personal security seriously.

Review Profiles and Reviews Carefully

Whether hosting or joining an event, attending an event, take the time to review the member’s profile carefully. Read what members say about themselves and what other members have mentioned about them in reviews. Please make sure you ask any questions you have and make sure you are comfortable with the responses you receive back.


If a Host or person requesting to attend an event has no reviews (generally due to being a new SportsHosts member), you will have less information from which to base your decision on. This increases your risk as you have less information available to help you understand what to expect from this member. Please take this into account and only connect if you are comfortable in doing so.


Meet in public places

It is strongly recommended that you never agree to meet at a private residence, doing so increases your safety risk. A better idea is to always meet in public place where you can leave if you wish.


Trust your instincts

If a person, situation or profile seems unsafe for any reason, move on. Don’t worry about seeming rude. Be clear about your boundaries and don’t be shy about stating them.

Communicate clearly with others and take care of yourself. If you’re uncomfortable attending alone, find another friend you trust to join you before accepting an event.  


Groups are more fun

We think groups are more fun, so even if you are meeting a single Host, it will still be more fun if take a friend/s along with you. And it’s not only more fun it is safer.



SportsHosts is only for 18+. We do not recommend parents include minors in their groups. We are working on developing a family product, which we are really excited about and will launch as soon as we can.


Have a plan B

Know your options. As a traveler If something doesn’t work out with your Host, or if they misrepresented themselves make sure you have a plan B. We suggest researching beforehand where you are going and knowing transport options available to you if you want to leave. It would be a good idea to identify the customer service help desks and/or police contact points at the stadium you are attending.


Always find out the police and other emergency service numbers related to the city you are in and have these numbers saved to your phone for quick reference.


Consider using the following resources for safety alerts and advisories:

  • Australian Government: Travel Advice and Warnings
  • U.S. Department of State: Travel Alerts and Warnings
  • Gov.UK: Foreign Travel Advice
  • Government of Canada: Country Travel Advice and Advisories
  • Look online for other trusted government agencies


Keep personal information personal.

Never give out your phone number or email address to a new person until you meet and feel comfortable with them. Use only the SportsHosts website to communicate.


Play it smart

Having a few beers may be part of the fun but remember partying too hard comprises your safety, so play it smart and avoid excess alcohol and other drugs.


Leave Reviews

Reviews are super critical as they help all members understand more about the people they are connecting with. Be honest, clear and fair when reviewing others. Any aggressive reviews or reviews which include offensive language will not be allowed. Feel free to tell the truth,  just do it without being offensive or abusive.


Report Negative Experiences

Report safety concerns to venue/stadium security or police if you require immediate assistance. Report all negative issues to as it helps keep future SportsHosts members safe. All reports will be treated as confidential.


Stay Safe

Together we make the game